Thursday, November 16, 2006

Log in Date Finally!

We were pleased to find that our LID is 11/14! A little tiny bit sooner than I'd expected. Here is the notice we got on our CHI chat group.

Congratulations to the 27 CHI families whose dossiers left our St.
Louis office on 10/5/06 (DTC), our Beijing office submitted your
dossiers to the CCAA on 10/18/06 and the CCAA logged your dossiers in
on 11/14/06.

Yeah Us!


Valerie Hagerstrom said...

Hi Heather,
It's so nice to meet you via your website! We've always heard such wonderful things about you from Bill! Everyone at Milford Township just loves Bill and we all are so excited about your upcoming adoption! Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone and we will all pray for a speedy process and for a bright and happy future for you, Bill and your adorable, precious new son!
With warmest thoughts and prayers! Valerie

heather said...

Thanks Valerie,
Nice to meet you too. Thanks for commenting, I was beginning to wonder if people really read this, or just looked at the pictures.
Bill is the best indeed, he'll be a great Dad too! As long as the Chinese governement gives their okay, we should be bringing Acer home sometime between Christmas and Easter. I'm sure he'll have to go to work with Bill for at least a few days just so Bill can show him off! Keep up the prayers, I think they're working!