Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures from Brandon's Grad party

This was way back at the end of June. We went to the kids only cousin on my side of the family, Brandon's Graduation party. Here you can see just how much Brandon means to Acer. True cousinly love by a couple of very good looking Y chromosome carriers. The last picture is one of my absolute favorites EVER.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pictures from Goalball, with Calli in the 'hoop skirt huge' hip pads

Calli, Malique and Marquez, Volunteers from Wayne State's coaching program. They're giving her pointers on trying to spin the ball on her finger tip like a basket ball. This isn't a goalball skill, but she's determined to master it nonetheless.

Jesse, college age player and volunteer

I took these with the video camera and it was an experiment. These are the only ones I have tho' so I'm posting them. This is the day Calli's wearing the hip pads. I think she could fit another person in there with her! or she could use this under a skirt and look like a southern belle. I'd forgotten to put the video card in so I only have a few that went on the puny internal memory.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Good morning. Calli is scrambling herself 2 eggs and Acer said 'No, thank you' when offered something. Beautiful weather too. Life is good.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Lack of advanced planning ruins the day

Errgh, I totally blew this one. I missed the info on the National Federation for the Blind site on how and when to register the kids for the best activities and how early we had to be there to register today. I went to the site a couple weeks ago, but missed it, and I missed the magazine that had the info in it too. Fail!

So now, I have to wonder how much it would be worth it this year, or would we be better off waiting just one more year and letting life get more settled and Acer to get more matured.

Adding to my decision making is the fact that we've had three busy busy weeks in a row and I'm thinking that however good this is, it'd be better to stay home and be a family. I'll talk it over with Bill, but think he'll agree.