Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is still happening here.

We go today to pick up our Alex and tomorrow to pick up our nephew Brandon.  Brandon will be here until Wed Night and Alex will be here for a full week.  I'm so excited it's always a joy to have either one of them here, and now they'll both be here at the same time.  Plus, Alex will finally be able to talk to Little Miss on the webcam, an event that Little Miss has been looking forward to for a long while.


Manette said...

Hope you guys had a beautiful and Merry Christmas.

Beverly said...

you have reasons to keep celebrating. Acer is going to be a great musician!

Leah's Mama & Baba said...

Hey Heather,, love the updates.... Wish I had time to update our blog,.. MY 20YR OLD ,,, is getting married May 20th... Holy Cow..... my "baby" is getting married..... AAAHHH!!!!!!! I can not possibly be that old?!?!?!!?! Hugs and prayers to ya all and littel miss..

The King Bunch
in AZ!!!!!!!