Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween week

This is my absolute favorite picture of the week. Acer was trying on his costume Th afternoon when he decided he wanted a snuggle on our bed. They went up, I followed and Calli snuggled Acer to sleep.

One of the ladies at the Library for the Blind has this tool set she lets Acer play with while I emboss the church bulletin for Calli.

The best picture I have of the two of them on Friday Morning.

Acer in his China outfit waiting for the afternoon bus on Th.

Acer first wore the China Outfit to church on Sun.. Here he's letting loose on the keyboard, think he's more a jazz pianist than a classical one, but he is very fluid, not choppy at all in his playing.

One of my favorites of Mum and Acer. He fell asleep on her during church and didn't wake up for a LONG time afterwards. Good thing Mum is patient.

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tiffany said...

Oh my that is a cutie pie snuggly pic! :)