Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No more Little Man

As Acer is now 5, he has decided he is BIG now, and there have been a few changes he feels necessary. Yes, Little Man or Little Mr Man, has gone away. He is now to be known simply as Mr Man.
Also, he has decided that he needs to eat more with utensils, and work on his table manners. Yes, he decided this, over the last few months, that this would happen when he was 5.

Sunday, Acer had a great Birthday party. At his request, we served ice cream floats and chocolate pie. We had only a few people over, Acer's closest of our adult friend, Vicki and Will, and then relatives, Cousin Brandon, Uncle James, Uncle David, his girl friend Autumn, and YeYe and NaiNai (Bill's Parents). He actually only got three gifts, but the last one he opened was the doozy, yes it was a real full sized drum set from YeYe and NaiNai as a Christmas and Birthday gift combined. It's an electronic set, the ION professional set, and it has several wonderful features, including headphones. Uncle David assembled the set and set it up for Acer. He's also the one who'd done the research to make sure it was worth buying.

Acer has been on the set for hours every day since. He had a half day of school on Monday, a Santa breakfast. I'm sure that Santa was surprised when Acer sat on his lap and told him what he'd already gotten for Christmas. Aside from that time off the drums, Acer was on them for most of the day. Brandon and I estimate 6 hours to be on the low side.

Yesterday was a full day of school, and Acer brought cookies to each school. Uncle James' cookies are an old family recipe, and he made us up 4 dozen for the party at home, and both schools. They are very big cookies, with oatmeal, walnuts and chocolate chips, almost a meal in themselves.

Acer has had a great year, we've watched him develop so much. He's much more independent, yet has better playing with others skills. He's going to two different half day programs, and doing well. He transitioned off naps and into an early bedtime. He's daytime dry about 99.5% of the time, and when he's not, it's because the bus couldn't stop to take him to the bathroom, even tho' he told them. He's stopped speaking in the second and third person, he's started playing the piano, not just playing on, but playing. He sounds out songs and can play quite a bit of Fur Elise. He's gotten a sister, and has had a great relationship with her, very little sibling rivalry on his part. He is learning the braille letters, and is showing a real interest in learning how to read. He's grown in height too, up to 39.5" He seems to grow about a half an inch about every three months. He is a lot of fun, and a joy to have as a son. We are so blessed.

Yes, I'll post pictures, jut not right now, we have to get ready for a funeral of a dear woman from church. :(


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to the 'big boy!!!!

So glad he is doing so so well! And congrats on the great drum set. so cool!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Mister Man! Love it! and Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Vive...rie...ama said...

Happy birthday MM!!! Love the chocolate ice cream!! My son's DREAM is to play the drums, and I can find no one who would like to teach a 5 year old. Can you come over and teach him? That would require us to actually get some drums... I'm working on it:).