Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Standard night around here, more or less

Hopefully, I'll be able to post the video, My phone version is okay, but I need to check out my nephew Brandon's video. Both kids sang Rainbow connection to Brandon and Alex. Acer is constantly in motion; jumping, moving, wiggling with excitement. It's just so sweet, Acer's raspy voice with Calli's clear voice, his tigger esque self with her calm.
Afterwords, Acer shared a most precious part of his Christmas loot - Lychee Jellys. Yep, Teeny cups of a Lychee jello that his aide had given him, from the Aisan store. He got 5 and shared them all around. He did eat both small tofu pieces she'd given him, both the Hot and Tea flavored earlier by himself, but he was just so excited at the thought of his 'Jelly Party'. He waited and waited for Brandon to arrive, so that all of them could share it together.


RamblingMother said...

awesome update on the kids. Acer sounds like a joy and I totally understand your desire for a seeing eye dog for Calli!

Sharon said...

LOVE hearing about all the ups downs, FUN! With your family heather!! LOVED my comment from you to you angel!!! Its going to be a great year for you all, I just know!!