Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help Bring Little Miss Home

Here are a few new pictures to remind you of our reason for fundraising.  The gentleman in the pictures is a long term sponsor of ChunBin and the woman is a Foster Mother of a little blind girl living in Beijing.  She was visiting Bethel to see how she could help her foster daughter and took these to send to me.

We're over one third of our way to the goal and I'd like to point out the shades of us gift store has Free trade Items, and that our etsy store has handmade items, made by me and by others and donated to us.  I'll be adding more to the etsy store soon, including pretty bracelet keychains and re usable gift bags.  Heck, they're cloth, they can even be washed!


Children's Hope International said...

What great pictures!!

Jennifer N.

Beverly said...

she is so precious!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh that sweet smile just makes me heart sing!

Love you,

Kim said...

She is sooo beautiful! Cant wait til she comes home!!!

Sharon said...

She is just beauitful Heather!! I am so glad that sweet lady took shots for you. it is amazing how thoughtful people are all over the world.

You missy are one. Thank you for my sweet comments lately! You are an angel. I am keeping your fundraising in my prayers!

Julie said...

Both of your kids are beautiful. I can't wait to hear that you have LOA. I have heard that some LOAs might be coming next week. We shall see.