Saturday, November 01, 2008

Update on Rosanna

Thank You for your prayers, Rosanna has come thru surgery fine. Here is her mother's  report

Rosanna's surgery went well! It took 2 surgeons and 3 hours, but the surgeons were very happy with the outcome. They told me prior to surgery that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult, they expected it would be about a 9, given the pathology of her eye.  They said it was every bit as tough as they expected it to be, but  they accomplished everything they had realistically thought they would. She has had her cataracts removed, and a cornea transplant.  They were not able to put in an artificial lens, but that had been a slim hope anyway. It's too early to tell how much visual acuity she will get, and she will need glasses since she no longer has a lens.  She is not a happy kid right now, as she keeps complaining that even with sunglasses, everything is much too bright and the light hurts her eyes :-) She did go trick or treating last night, and was able to recognize porch lights and tell how many there were from several houses away. She could not do that before. We are cautiously happy.  So thank you for all the prayers. It was a difficult surgery, and we are thrilled she has more opportunity now for sight than she has ever had. We'll just have to see with time what she can see.


Jodi said...

Thank you updating us!
So glad to hear all went well with Rosanna's surgery!
We will continue praying for he recovery!

~Jodi Sue :)

Sharon said...

That is so exciting!! I love Acer's school photo, what a handsome little guy. But Barrington thinks you should let his hair grow. Of course, I am trying to get him to CUT his hair!

Do you know what the rumor queen site address is?
Today a chinese/american couple to me they wanted to adopt at church. They can be expedited but seemed shocked and in despair when I told them it could still be years and not too ready yet for the waiting list.

Anyway, big congrats on the LID!!!!

And big hugs to you just because your my friend!!!!!

Beverly said...

great news