Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Testing to see if emailing blog entries works.

Well, we leave for China in just over three days and I'm working to
make sure everything is in line, including being able to post to the
I'm really getting pretty geeked about the whole trip although I am
very sad Acer won't be going too. He's just too active to take on
such a long trip.


Jodi said...

I know you will miss Acer, but this will give you some wonderful first days only worrying about Calliandra!

I didn't know one could post through email or texting! How cool!

Can't wait to see y'all together!
Do you know Calliandra's dress size?

joey said...

Wonderful news ... bless you and your beautiful family, Heather. My 'Stretch Armstrong' long arms are lovingly wrapped around you. Have a safe journey.