Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Little Piano Man

(I'll add pictures as soon as I get them off my phone, maybe I can get a video)

We've had a piano in the house for about a year and a half now, and Acer has always liked to just wander by plunk out a few notes and then wander away. In August, while we were driving to MIlwaukee, Acer started to actually PLAY on the toy piano we'd brought in the car. It was like a switch turned on and hasn't turned off yet. Month by month I can see him improving. I love to watch him play, with his tiny hands and fingers it's just too cute for words.
Calli has been playing for years, she's been picking up new songs as she goes, but Acer... there are times I don't know which one is playing unless I'm in the room. She pushed/inspired him as he could hear her sounding out songs on the piano, now, he's pushing her to keep ahead of him. They will even play duets together. It is so adorable to see, I want to just hug on them, except of course, that would stop their playing.


Sharon said...

He is totally going to be the next stevie wonder! Its so exciting to see them find things they love. You are wonderful how you mother in such an intelligent way.

Thnaks so much for my comments lately heather, I just loive them. laptop makes me type terribly! urg

Did you get my email??

Sharon said...

PS the blog look is gorgeous!!!!

Fibromyalgia said...

How exciting about Acer and piano! I would love to hear them sometime. I bet it is so awesome.