Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So incredibly long

I don't think I've gone this long between posts in... who know how long. I haven't been on blogger, I haven't been checking people's blogs, it's been odd.

We have been incredibly busy, and I've been fighting a depression. I've fought myself through the days with the delicious comforting sweetness of my Mountain Dew and have gained ALOT of weight; but there is lightness in my (mental) steps again and I no longer feel so emotionally exhausted.

We have -
Gone camping with the White Cane Campers,
Gone Camping on Drummond Island (tents, no ammenities, Calli loved the quiet and the unthinkable size of Lake Huron but not the uneven ground)
Calli has been in a wedding as a flower girl (beautiful!)
Fought with the school districts as to why no one had enrolled her, even tho' I'd done my paperwork back in June.
Enrolled Acer in a second half day of school at a different school. He now comes home, eats, gets back on the bus and goes for the afternoon. His second day will be Wednesday.
I've dropped being in church band, it was too late for the kids to still be awake when it got over at 9. Acer goes to bed at 6:30 so he can be awake at 6 AM for school. I miss the singing, but Bill needed to be there not only to sing, but also to make sure the sound system was working.
Calli has lost seven teeth since she's been home. Even tho' she knows it's one of us, she enjoys the money the tooth fairy brings. She hasn't spent any of it yet, but it makes her happy to have it.
Calli underwent an exam under anesthesia for her eyes, she was very nervous and scared, but Bill and I were there for her. That was the first day she hugged me around the neck and said 'You are my MaMa and I love you! later she did the same and said 'You are my MaMa and you are Great!' She has since said similar things to Bill. I had tears in my eyes.
She has picked apples and beans and dug carrots and beets at Bill parents (Acer was off on the playscape at the time)
She has grown two inches and gained 4 pounds.
We took a road trip to Milwaukee to see Calli's best friends from Bethel, and my Aunt Marlene. The kids did really well on the trip, their first 8 hour one.
She started Sunday School, and is starting to make friends there.
Calli is doing well in school, her spelling tests usually only have one wrong. She is able to memorize the words, but often isn't sure what they mean, so we do spelling and definitions every night.
She likes school a lot and is really happy to be going and learning everything. For those in the know, she's almost through learning her contractions, yes, all 189 of them in contracted form (grade 2) braille.

I am sure there are events/items I'm missing, I'll try to fill them in as I remember, and to keep up on future happenings.
Hope you all are well, drop me a comment and let me know!


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Golden To Silver Val said...

Welcome back....glad to see you are posting again although I do appreciate the need to give it a rest once in a while. Family takes priority. A friend of mine once said that real life trumps blog life and that's certainly an accurate statement. So glad everything seems to be going a-ok for you and the family. Tell Bill there are LOTS of budget cuts being made at work and if you're still in touch with Matt I'm sure you already know that police has separated from twp. as far as servers go and I agree with that. Matt and his crew should be the only ones allowed on that one. God Bless. Post again soon!

Fibromyalgia said...

Glad to see a new blog. I hope you will be feeling much better soon. I am so glad Calli is doing well and so is Acer. I enjoy reading what they are up to, but you do need to take care of yourself and family first before blogging! Hopefully not being in the church band will make things easier for you for getting everyone up early! (It's more like the middle of the night!!!!)

I hope to see you and family soon!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Calli sounds great! I am so glad heather. Love to you all!! missed you.