Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Readers

Calli participated in the Braille Readers are Leaders program this year. The results, the T-shirts etc, went out this week. We were very proud of Calli for reading over 1000 pages (forget the exact number) the winner for her grade group grade 2-3 read over 11,000 pages! I've just got to say Wow! that's a huge number.
Hearing how many this girl read, has fired up our competitor. She now has plans to knit all her scarfs etc for Christmas presents before October so that she has more free time for reading.
We did enter Calli into the special category because she was reading in a foreign language to her, English, instead of Mandarin, so we'll see if anything comes there, we'll find out in the beginning of April.
Anyone else compete this year?
BTW the K-1 winner read over 1500 pages I think.


Rebekah Hubley said...

Way to go Calli!!!!!

Sharon said...

That is just amazing. Congratulations to your beautiful girl!! I am so glad she has such amazing parents too!! God Bless you all and Happy Easter!

Tina said...

Way to go Calli, that is awesome!!