Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deciphering Chinese med speak

Our paperwork finally arrived, along with 2 blurry much copied, much faxed pictures. All we can really tell is that he is sitting, maybe on a bench, and that he is riding a rocking horse. They must have examined his eyes sometime, yet there seems to be no record of it. His height seems normal and his weight high normal, which means his foster mother is feeding him well. All that cod liver oil must do some good, it states right in the records that he gets some every day. Poor kid, my mom forced that stuff on us, bleech. It says he loves to play outside, maybe our dog Lobelia will finally have someone who will play endless games of catch with her outside instead of down the hallway. The rest of the paperwork seems to skim the surface, things like he has 10 teeth at 18 months.
Good things about the Boy
1) His age, He's 20 months old, not a baby. I'm not a huge baby person, I like little ones with personality.
2) He's a boy. We figured that going the Chinese adoption route we'd have to take a girl, but I was nervous about caring for a little girl's up bringing, could I do her hair and make sure her clothes were fashionable, appropriate and flattering and teach her girlie things if she's a girlie girl? With a boy, I know I have the skills.
3) He's available sooner.
4) he's been in a foster home since the day they found him. Very Good developmentally & emotionally - he hasn't had to spend time in the welfare institute fighting for attention and maybe just being forced to sit and do nothing.
5) he probably likes spicy food, it seems the state of Jianxi is noted for spicy or Pickled food. Bill will like that.
The Down Side
1) his age, we'll have missed the first steps, the first words etc.
2) his vision. Thankfully my Dr knows the premier pediatric opthamologist in the area and he's world renown. If anyone can do something for the little guy, she says he can.
3) He's not a girl. We have been prepping for a girl, not much, we just have this really cool rug and a bright rose chenille throw. I feel a little guilty that we may be abandoning a little girl over there. I guess right now I feel that if we get a boy now, we'll go back for the girl later. Of course we'll have to see what next year brings before we make that decision.
and to me these seem like the only problems, but Bill has to go over the paperwork himself & then we'll have to TALK & PRAY.

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