Monday, August 28, 2006

What to do?

Nervous, I guess, After 7 months of assembling paperwork and getting the correct bits of information here and there, we've decided to express an interest in a 20 month old boy with vision problems. I think he'll be legally blind but he's able to see some stuff. When you adopt, you come to realize that there are some special needs that you personally don't want to deal with. For me, one of those needs is a cleft lip or palate, but I could deal with a near blind child. Of course this means that 'Calliandra" will be on hold and 'Acer' will take her place. We hadn't really counted on being able to adopt a boy from China, so most of our plans were for a girl. There are many good things about this particular boy, but we'll have to see if there are any other health problems. That would be the kicker. I don't think we could handle others stacked on top of the vision. I try to balance between selfish and realistic and hopeful.
Here's hoping

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