Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Way back, the first news

I think it's funny that Bill started this Blog, and then stopped after our first bit of news and didn't even write anything about that. Maybe it was because I wasn't hugely enthusiastic about the idea of blogging. You certainly can't tell that from the number of posts I've done lately. But back to the day we heard our first big news, January 17th 2006.

We'd mailed off our application for adoption to our local chapter of our agency, in Chicago. Bill Had sent it certified mail so that we could track it, but I still wasn't prepared for a phone call at work. I didn't even think the letter had arrived there yet, and here Mary House from Children's Hope was calling me at EG. I was so stunned, and excited, I guess I was a little more worried about their accepting our initial application than I realized. So, I made it thru the phone call as she explained what my next steps should be.

I never thought the news would hit me so hard, I thought it would be something I could take in stride. Instead here I am running through the store to find a shoulder to happily blubber on. I thought Wendy was close, but she'd moved off somewhere out of sight and so I ran into Matt. Fortunately Matt's pretty cool about most things, all he did was tell me to breath, and hand me a tissue and listen to my hyperventilating story.

I had to run thru the store to get something, everyone was concerned, but soon were reassured when they learned it was good news not bad. I calmed down enough to call Bill and he said 'no crying' and I said 'too late'. I told him I was sorry I couldn't tell him first, because I had to calm down. He just said that everybody at work just counted as one person, and at least the was second.

it was an odd day at work, I was so excited, something would set me off and there I'd go, snivelling again. Oh well, the customers seemed to understand at least. Probably they were just relieved I wasn't sniffing because of a cold.

I still have a hard time believing how emotional I became, but it was a good feeling. When I found out I was pregnant with the son I placed into an open adoption, all I felt was a sad bunch of emotions. This was definitely a good feeling.

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