Friday, February 02, 2007

1 set of paperwork on the way

Our ammended dossier items are on their way to Beijing today - Yeah! They've been MIA for a couple days as I forgot to put an Attention: on the 3x5 card I wrote the address on & gave to Bill. Thankfully, I remembered I'd forgotten and alerted our caseworker and she went on a hunt for them.
One of my best email adoption friends whose daughter is from the same batch of waiting children and whose LOI & LID dates about about the same as ours, got her seeking confirmastion letter this week. While I'm sad it doesn't look like we'll be traveling together, I'm happy for them and hopeful for us. It means that (probably) as soon as we get our latest info (my new HIV & HEP tests) back to Beijing, we should get our SCL in that very next batch.
BIG PRAYER NEED - that we would be able to travel & be back by 4/1 before I have to go back to work.

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Wicked Witch said...

cool. congrats.