Thursday, February 08, 2007


I love glass, it has always been my favorite art material. I love the way it feels, looks, everything about it. So when I decided to finally take those glass blowing lessons I'd always wanted, I was overjoyed to find out it was an art form I could actually do. The Good Lord blessed me with many abilities, few of them artistic. Okay, actually aside from singing and writing bad funny songs he hasn't blessed me with much out of the fine arts world. Then I discovered glassblowing, the dangerous, pigsweat hot, exhausting art of glass blowing. I love it. Few pieces I make actually turn out exactly the way I expect, and the few 'twin' pieces that my friend Leigh and I have tried to make alike definitely don't turn out anything alike. But I love it. So I'm putting my website up for other people to enjoy them too.
And, Yes, I do know what a few of the pieces look like, they weren't supposed to look like that, but they do.

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