Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Multiple subjects

Well, our (hopefully) next to the last last piece of paperwork left on its way to St. Louis yesterday. As expected, I have neither HIV or Hep issues, which obviously is good. The last piece of paperwork should be our SCL, and then we just wait for our TA.

My good friend Jo, who is adopting Hannah out of Acer's group of waiting children, got her seeking confirmation letter from the CCAA yesterday. This will be sent right back to Beijing and then the CCAA will issue a travel approval. We were hoping to travel together because many of our paperwork dates are the same, but the three requests for more information of one sort or another, including this last one, have slowed us down. So now our only hope to travel together is there to be a Chinese New Year slow down, but that would delay her and I don't wish that for her.

I spent most of the day Sunday and half the day Monday at the hospital with my brother James. They still aren't sure what happened, but as he was feeling better they sent him home with a 'follow up with your Dr.' We figure it was a combo of his hurt back, that section of back having the nerves that go to the stomach, having a high blood pressure migraine and then it went from there. The great news is, he didn't have a heart attack and I didn't lose one of my favorite people in the whole world.

My brother and I have (I think) a very unique relationship. We're ALOT alike, our likes & dislikes (but not food ones) our senses of humor, thought processes, and looks. Despite the fact that he's 3 years older, we're often mistaken for twins (why he had to get the tall skinny genes and I the teddy bear genes I just don't know). He's one of my best friends and I was really really scared I would lose him. It really makes me glad that we have the habit of saying I love you. I wouldn't have wanted him dying without knowing that he's my brother and a huge part of my life and I love him for it.

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Wicked Witch said...

Congrats on being disease free. I bet it feels great!