Monday, August 27, 2007

Not quite a week this time

We've had a funny boy this week around the house, nekkid dragon wrestling, nekkid rocking horse riding, deliberately making up new words to songs, playing with toys he's never played with before, and joyfully running down the street to "follow Mama".
He's done pretty well on the dry pants issue, especially if we have a normal schedule that day. if we have to go somewhere, it can get a little problematic so he goes back into a pull up.

Wednesday (8/22) Acer was so grumpy I had to put him down for a nap twice. Not because it was a punishment, but because the first visit (1.5 hours) he didn't sleep at all. I let him get up & get a little food & exercise & then he went back down, 5 minutes later, he was out for almost three hours.

Thursday (8/23) we went mall walking & the visited the playplace. Vicki & Stacey walked at their own speed & the went for breakfast at the coney's near the playplace because Stacey didn't have Alexa. Acer didn't stay in the playplace, he discovered the stairs right next to it! I think he played on them for more than an hour total. We joined V & S in the restaurant & Aunt Vicki introduced Acer to toast with butter. I just don't eat toast, and I certainly don't put butter on it if I do, but I'm making it for him now. Toast is so good it gets its own special dance. Thursday night we had some bad storms- mess making storms if you work in a nursery lot!

Friday (8/24) We got up and enjoyed a follow mama walk down the block, unfortunately he got a little too excited & ran 1/2 foot off the sidewalk & into a phone pole. Bruised smack dab in the middle of his forehead. We then went driving off to take Mum to her eye appointment. When I hollered in the door, "We're Here" she appeared and asked "Why?" Oops, the appointment was Thursday! Acer escaped his clothing twice, once he grabbed the dragon & wrestled it and Rugby the next time he decided to ride the rocking horse.

Acer enjoyed a good swim Friday too- he actually did his treading water movement across the whole pool - 24 feet! We actually played Follow Mama in the water. I'm not sure how he managed to keep his grin going as he moved, but he did, he loved it so much. We had another storm Friday night, Bill drove in it the whole way home, as he got to each city the sirens would go off. Acer doesn't seem to mind the weather at all. I'm sure he'll be getting a slicker and rain boots to go out & play in the non thunderstorms like I did as a kid.

Saturday (8/25) Bill & James can a tree cutting day in our back yard this time. The strip between the sidewalk & street is filled. They did take out a couple I wanted to leave, but oh well I just liked them for privacy, I didn't actually like the shrubs they were. After that they delivered papers for someone who is out of town. Poor Acer, in the Acer carrier for 2.5 hours. Amazingly enough Acer was dry the entire time. Mum & James came over for dinner, Mum brought a roasted chicken. She'd suggested we take half, but I just said bring it over & we'll supply the rest of the meal. It was nice, Acer isn't fond of chicken unless it's in nugget form so he ate meatballs.

Sunday (8/26) Bill & Acer headed off to church & then I to work. They always meet me for lunch on Sunday. Bill has missed very few Sunday lunches since we got married almost 6 years ago and now Acer joins in too. Our friend Will came over Sunday afternoon and joined us for dinner, it was nice because we haven't seen him in a while. He's been working and in school, which doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Today (8/27) I was doing laundry in the laundry room when Acer announced he had to "lababa" (aka#2) so I told him "no pants or pullup" as he headed into the bathroom. I expected him to pull them down & wait for me to put him on the toidy. You can imagine my surprise when I walked the few feet to the bathroom & found him balancing/standing on the seat with his pants partly down! It was one of those my heart stopped, but it is funny moments. Also today we met with the eye Dr just so I could ask questions about his condition. The Dr said that they are working on a Geordie Laforge type device, but that it's still in testing, but that would be what we're looking for for the next advancement that would actually help Acer. After we got home, Acer was playing in the lowest level of our trilevel, I could hear him & tell he wasn't emptying my bookshelves or anything else, so just kept my ears open and let him do whatever he was doing. A few minutes later he shows up with his PJ pants pulled up over his shorts! That's my boy, go for the comfort of PJ pants! Next time try taking off the shorts first little man, it'll be more comfortable for sure!

We went to church tonight and now here I am typing while Bill puts Acer to bed.

We got Acer's soc.sec. number today so I started the paperwork to get him signed up for disability. Long process, it may take 3-5 months. Here's hoping it's on the short side!
Well all for now,

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Daniel said...

Wow, even though double-teamed with dog AND dragon the naked kid prevails! He must be incredibly talented to pull that off! Have you found him an agent yet? Wrestlemania here we come!