Friday, August 10, 2007

Quiet Week

Okay, so it's been a week and a half, but who's counting? This week we've been busy doing errands and inside stuff more than fun for Acer stuff.
Mum finally went to the eye Dr. and I was glad to discover that she had cataracts (as I thought I remembered her saying) rather than glaucoma (which was what she was saying). She went in on a Tuesday and had her first eye done on the following Thursday. Acer and I have ferried her to each appointment, dropped her off and then returned after she calls. She only lives about a mile from us and the eye Dr is only about a mile from us in another direction. We waited for her for one check up, but it was pretty tough on the little guy to be in such a boring place so Mum & I agreed the drop off route was better. Mum's vision is so improved that they took one lens out of her glasses. She can now see leaves on the trees and read much more clearly than before. She goes the 17th for her next eye surgery. I'm really glad not to have a blind Mother as well as a blind son, I would have coped, but am glad I don't have to!
Last week Wednesday we went to Stoney Creek, a very large local park, with Kristen & Kiera. I discovered there that my phone does not swim well. Oh well, the rest of the day was fun and Acer really enjoys both the lake & spending time with Kristen & Kiera.
Saturday Bill scored "Acer's castle" from a garage sale. One of the little tykes climb on cubes is now set up in the back yard and a certain small & mobile man loves to go out there & climb.

Our nephew Brandon came over for Sunday & Monday nights, he's 15 and very good with Acer. A little worried about every bump & bruise but that's not a bad thing.
Monday Mum came over to watch Acer while I worked on my first assignment for a correspondence course I'm taking (for free) from Hadley school for the blind. I signed up for the class about 2 months ago, but this is the first time I've been able to complete an assignment (note, my teacher gave me an A+). Mum also enjoyed spending time with Brandon and watching as Brandon and I tried various ways to assemble the Acer Castle before it finally went together.
Wednesday Acer went to his first baseball game. The Tigers lost & it was incredibly hot, but we got the tickets for free because it was my work 'picnic'. It was way too loud for him and he just couldn't understand what was going on so he just snuggled in on Mama or Baba's shoulders & tried to make the best of it. I walked up and down the bleachers introducing him to people and he did pretty well in the meet & greet department. He fell asleep on the way home & didn't wake up when we brought him inside & put him to bed.
Today we met my friend Vicki & her friend Stacy & went mall walking early in the morning. We tried putting Acer in a spare stroller Stacy had for her daughter Alexa (2) and Acer did fine in It but it was uncomfortable for me, too short. I think it'll be back to the ergo carrier on Monday when we go again.

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