Friday, August 31, 2007

Another part of the paperwork process down & Help from a neighbor

Vicki came over to witness my signature on the paperwork I've been working on to get Acer registered with SSI/disability. I'd done the paperwork on the computer and just need this filled out so I could drop it off at the local office.
I don't work Friday evenings so we enjoyed a nice family evening at home. Bill mowed the lawn and Acer and I meandered up the street. Our block has maybe 15 houses on it, we're about #5, it takes us about an hour to walk the other 10 houses and back. Acer's into exploration and fun, not speed. Thankfully, when I say "Stop" he stops. This saves me from a frantic run down a driveway to stop him from going into the street. This night as we walked we met three groups of neighbors, the third, an older gentleman, asked if Acer were the reason for the signs (Blind Child at play) and said that they'd had those signs up themselves years before. Turns out his 27 year old son (currently studying Math at UM) is blind. He had lots of information about the various organizations and said that if his wife were home she'd have lots of info for me. What a pleasant surprise, to meet someone who'd been through it himself, so very close to the house.

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