Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big day coming for Acer, I promise to post pictures.

Yes, today  is the day we're going to Acer's  (and my) first DRUM STORE.  We're going with the guys from band who are going for musical reasons of their own, and are kindly letting us tag along.  Oddly enough I can speak to hundreds of people at a time giving seminars, but the thought of going to the drum store on my own is a fearsome thing.

Acer's been very excited at the thought of going to a drum store ever since he heard the words. He's taken lately to sitting in my rocking chair, rocking madly back and forth and telling me he's driving to the drum store.  He's been going other places too, Cost-co, Kro-gers, his two favorite parks, but mainly he's going to the drum store.  Yesterday he was especially adventurous and went to six or seven drum stores, telling me he was picking up different parts at each one.  I believe he'd assembled the world's biggest drum set by the time he was through driving.


Amy said...

Oh I can't wait to see Acer and his new drums!!! He will be in heaven!!

Stella said...

Oh how fun! I have been studying African rhythms for almost 2 years now and play the djembe and dununs. How exciting for Acer! I can't wait until I can teach Stella to drum. She sometimes will bang on my drum, but is more interested in licking it, LOL. My 3 year old loves to drum with me. I hope to work with kids someday, teaching drumming. Have fun with Acer :-) - Pauline