Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sweet 16 and never been Kicked!

Our Alex is 16 today, and we couldn't be prouder of her.  Kind, helpful, funny, musical, athletic, polite, good with Acer, smart, we're so proud of her.
Yesterday we drove out to Grand Rapids for her family party, today is really her birthday and she'll have friends over to celebrate.
Alex is now officially my travel partner when I go to China.  After much discussion, thought and prayer, Alex will go and Bill and Acer will stay and wait.
We told her by giving her a purse and slipping a note in it that said  "Pack this and your luggage, you're going to China!"  She couldn't believe it,  she looked at her Grandma and said, really, really?' and then she finally believed it.
I pray we have a good trip, it'll just be all us girls, Calliandra, Alexandra, and me - Look out China, you won't know what hit you!.


ang :o) said...

what a fantastic opportunity for a 16 year old girl!!!

Amy said...

Thats great! I'm smiling and even have tears of joy because I know you will go soon!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh lucky lucky girl! I know you both will have the best time! I wish I could go, too!! But, just like last time, I'll be here rooting you on!!


Sharon said...

Oh that is so cool! You are so brave Heather! I have be the follower in international travel, I am just too, I don't even know! I can't wait to follow! Anonymouse you know!!!!

PS Such adorable posts lately!!