Friday, February 06, 2009

Check one thing off my reasons to be a Mom list.

and it's not even a reason I knew about until it happened.

Yesterday Acer and I trekked across the metro area to Seedlings Books, a bookstore for Blind Children.  As we travelled Acer asked to sing.  Generally when Acer asks to sing, it means he wants to listen to me sing.  So he asked me to sing Down by the bay, our family's traveling song from way back before I was born.  I have sung this song so many times in my life that I'm surprised that I don't automatically start singing it when I close my car door.  I've taught it to my nephew, our Alex, and my youth group down in St Louis.  This time was different because as I started, Acer's raspy voice joined me.  It was the coolest thing to hear him sing his slightly garbled version of the words as I sang.

BTW for all of those who sing the words, "where the water 'melons' grow" - you've got it WAY wrong.  Watermelons don't grow in a bay - water LILIES grow in a bay.  I know I'm bucking popular culture, but it's just wrong; please sing it the way our family has been singing it for longer than there have been recordings of it.  It just makes sense.


The Princess's Mommy said...

I should have known the horticulture expert would get a flower in there somewhere! Oh well...I'm partial to Lilies anyway! ;-)


Jodi said...

How fun!! It's the little things in life! I love that y'all made a memory like that today! :)

Tina said...

Oh how precious! I can't wait for Reed to sing along with me in the car :)
Come on LOA!!

ang :o) said...

What a sweet moment.

Beverly said...

G says "down by the Fay."