Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Member of our extended family soon?


Sierra is a fun loving puppy who needs a forever home. She rings a bell to go outside and is also invisible fence trained. She was recently placed at a home, the owners loved her and said she was very smart and sweet. Unfortunately she had to come back to us because she didn't get along with their older dog. Since having her, we have been able to put her with other dogs and have had no problems. She has gone home with an employee and played for the whole weekend with 3 large breed dogs with no issues. Sierra enjoys lots of playing and cuddling and would really like someone to love her forever.

Sierra is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

As long as everything goes okay, we'll bring her home to Mum and Brother James' house tomorrow
click here to see the sweetie.
We all, Acer, Calliandra, Mum, James' son Brandon and myself visited with her today. Brandon and I went back with James to make sure James liked her too. I did forget to ask tho' what kind of bell she's supposed to ring to go outside.

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Jodi Sue said...

She looks so sweet!
Have fun!!
How exciting to have the tooth fairy visit!
Santa visited us the other day - Jailyn asked if Santa could bring her some fun bandaids! So we called Santa, aka-big brother, and SC dropped them off for us.
What a guy!