Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Acer has Bilateral Microphthalmia (two small eyes), the Microphthalmia and Anophthalmia (no eye) conditions are just different points on the same diagnostic spectrum. Because of that, we are always interested in causes like this. Please vote!

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Local rescue dog deserves stardom on magazine cover


Last Updated: 11th June 2009, 3:05am

Attention all dog-loving Sun readers, of which there are billions -- perhaps more!
Your vote is needed immediately, and continually, until the contest ends, to win local rescue dog Riddle -- who was born without eyes -- the magazine cover shot for Modern Dog Magazine.
Riddle's rescue "mom," Sally Hull, of Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue here in the 'Peg, explains: "Riddle has become the darling of the rescue world all over Canada and the U.S.A., not to mention England, Denmark and Australia. His fame is obvious in the voting on Modern Dog Magazine's website, where he has garnered over 1,800 votes in six days (putting him at No. 1).
"Riddle is a one-year-old border collie who was born with no eyes. Although he is completely blind, he does almost everything all the other dogs can do. Riddle swims, plays fetch and runs like the wind. Riddle can even catch a ball on a verbal clue. He is the most amazing dog I have ever met.
"We are hoping to use his courage to teach children that having a disability does not mean you can't."
Riddle was turned over to Hull's Rescue three months ago when his owner could no longer take care of him. He was aggressive and terrified of everything, but with proper handling and being treated like a regular dog, has progressed to the happy, playful, loving pooch he is now.
After considerable thought, and endless treats, Riddle has accepted the prestigious position of ambassador for Hull's Haven -- a lifetime appointment.
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Give Riddle the stardom he so richly deserves. What an inspiration this gorgeous guy is. Vote!

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