Monday, April 19, 2010

Hurrah for technology

Okay blog buddies, I admit it, I've been leaving you and spending time on Face Book instead of here. It was short and easy, and fun. Now, however, I have the ability to have my posts here, show up there! Yes, I can do both things at once. Thanks to Bill, I am back. Also, thanks to no longer being post adoption depressed, Thanks to having more of an interest in life again, and thanks to so many things that make me feel like normal, and feel like I have the time and energy to type.

Please forgive me, I know it's been so long since I've done regular updates, and far longer since I've posted any pictures, I think that now I can be both here and on FB things will be much smoother.

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Heather said...

glad you are feeling better about life. It's hard isn't it? I know! I think I am finally over the post store depression that I was in. I am actually glad how things are working out, even though I miss the busy part of it. I am working on getting busier! Mom is still portable, so I am happy about that.