Monday, March 12, 2007

Finally we can post pictures!

We weren't supposed to post pictures until we'd gotten approved, but now we have so here they are.
The five Pictures of the very young Acer are from June of 2005, then there's the young Acer with His foster Mother from July of '05. There are 3 pictures of Acer from April '06, 2 pictures from June '06 and one picture from October '06.
He's 50th percentile height on the Chinese growth charts and 90% weight, as of last June. We're hoping for an update before we go over to be able to have clothing that fits him.
Now we can start the serious preparations, I haven't really done much because I didn't want to jinx us.
Okay, it seems that despite my best efforts, I can't post pictures, I'll have to wait until Bill gets home :(

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