Friday, March 16, 2007

Long awaited step in the right direction

I will admit, I did some retail therapy, especially back in Jan. when the winter sales were on. Well, I kept the receipts, and kept all the tags on, just in case. I didn't want to jinx us, I figured if I took the tags off too early, we would be turned down. so today I took the tags off, sorted stuff, chose 6 outfits to take with us and put them all in the wash. Then I'll pack up 3 in each piece of luggage, and have one minor step down for our trip in May. Yes, I do anticipate more clothing from our toddler showers, but I want to take items I chose myself when we go over. He can wear the other clothing when we get back, plenty of time for that. I'll also be packing Acer's monkey backpack of toys and blanket. Maybe tomorrow I'll pack a bag of toiletries for us. If I just pack a little each week, it will slow the process down enough that it will take us until May. I'm really looking forward to having a child in my care on Mother's day this year!

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