Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Toddler Registry

Here's a listing of various things we'd like for Acer. We have registered at Babies R Us/Toys R Us but some are from Ikea and they don't have a registry so I thought I'd create my own. We also have a list of stuff you could find anywhere. If you buy something, please add a comment to the bottom to say what you've purchased, that way we might avoid duplicates and I promise not to look! Also, as we won't know the amount of vision he'll have nor exactly what size he is, gift cards to Ikea, Toys/Babies R Us, Kohls, and Target are always welcome.
In general we're REALLY trying to avoid all the commercial TV & movie based items like Thomas and Dora. We like animals, Fantasy (dragons etc) and space themes. We prefer good old fashioned make your brain work toys, wood is good, compared to toys that don't encourage imagination. In clothing, I know that most little boys clothing is far more subdued than girls' but we're trying for bright colors in the same themes as his toys. We're guestimating that He'll be in size 2T when we get him, but 3T and 4T clothing would definitely be safe.

Ergo carrier and waist extender strap info at http://www.ergobabycarriers.com color cranberry w/cranberry lining

Ikea Ideas
Minnen (several types of Minnen, we like the Drake/dragon ones)
Drake Soft toy, Bard Quilt cover & sham, drake quitcover & pillow case, drake wallpockets, drake bedspread/blanket.
Bygga construction set
Klappa Apa soft toy sey of 2
Barnslig Apa soft toy
Lillado train series, anything
PS Lomsk swivel chair
Vimsig Hanging Decoration
Noje Corner Wallbasket
Mula toy series, any
Lekplats playmat
Blimp Pendant Lamp

From Target, Fisher Price Stacking cups/balls

General Toy Ideas
Below is a list of parent recommendations for toys for Visually Impaired children.
Toys R Us also has a differently abled toys catalog availble on line
Balls on spindles
Physioballs (or any large balls)
Gertie Balls (soft and easy for little hands to grasp)
Sit on bouncing balls with handles

Stacking toys
Nesting toys
Peg boards
Magnetic blocks
Bristle blocks
Mega Blocks
Wooden Braille blocks
Shape toys in graduated sizes that fit into a base
Wooden puzzles with knobs
Lauri puzzles
Duplo Blocks
Waffle Blocks
Velcro Blocks
Large cardboard blocks

Lauri Lacing Bears
My Buddy doll (good for practicing zipping, buttoning, etc.)
Play Sink and dishes
Play oven and skillet by Fisher-Price
Little people and school house by Fisher-Price
Velcro fruits and vegetables with plastic or wooden knife

Music and story tapes
Floor Piano (a soft mat with "keys" you step on)
Talking toys
Golden Sound Story Books
Musical instruments
Plastic music boxes with easy to turn knobs
Tomy and Shelcore action, noise, and music toys
Sparkling Symphony Gym
Sight, Sound, and Touch Bugs by Fisher-Price (they sing and wiggle)
1-2-3 Sing-Along Puppy

Play Doh Fun Factory (also use with cookie cutters, small rolling pin, plastic knife)
Scented markers
The Wonderhorse Spring Action Riding Horse
Sit and Spin by Today's Kids
Garage by Fisher-Price
Riding toys
Happy Vehicles
Magnetic fridge letters with braille

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Anonymous said...

I bought him a nesting toy that I hope will be ok. He should receive it in a couple of day. I hope everything works out for all of you.