Monday, April 16, 2007

An Acer update! Finally!

Here's the news we received today! Yeah! I'll be able to figure out what size he is, and maybe even buy shoes to fit! Such excitment! Yes, some things are phrased oddly, but the meaning comes through.

Report on Jing Shenchao’s latest growth conditions

Name: Jing Shenchao (景申超)
Sex: Male
Birthday: 21st Dec. 2004

Medial history:
He was born with congenital retina abnormity of both eyes: left eye with congenital leukoma; right eye with congenital retina development abnormity; corneas of both eyes are congenital small. This boy is smart, agile and has good feeling and hearing. His intelligence and physical development is normal. His nickname at home is “GuangGuang”.

Present growth conditions:
Height: 87cm, weight: 13kg, head circumference: 48cm, chest circumference: 52.5cm, feet length: 16cm, Teeth number: 14.

Physical movement:
He can try to grasp toys by feeling with his hands. He may laugh loudly while playing. He can recognize acquaintances and strangers through senses and voices. He knows the meaning of “no”. He can hold tea cup or milk bottle with both of his hands, and walk by himself. Also, he can throw balls or other things. When he is happy, he can applause to show welcome. He can eat candy and fruits by himself. He can stand up by holding other things. If you put him on a bed or a chair, he can manage to slide down immediately. He will move his body while listening to music to show he is very happy. If you ask him whether he wants to go to the park, he will nod or shake his head to say yes or no to show that he understands people’s language.

Language development:
Now, he starts to learn new things, and he is already able to name his families and acquaintances accurately. When you ask him how old is he, he will say three if he is happy. He will be very happy if you put him into a laver to have a bath, and at this time if you ask him to wash head he will do it by putting his hands on his head and kneading his hair. If you ask him how to eat, he will show you by opening his mouth and saying “a”.

Hearing ability:
His ability to hear is good and he can react to sound quickly.

Ability to adapt to environment:
He had a very strong ability to adapt to environment. He cares about people and things around him and can search for sound source after hear a certain sound.

He can cooperate with his folks to get dressed and untie buttons, put off shoes. He has a very good appetite, and his meals are mainly on milk (3 times each day, 260mL each time, every 4~5 hours each time). He is not fastidious about his food and defferent soft supporting good have been added.

Emotion and character
The relation between the boy and his foster mother is especially close, and the boy can get along with his foster father, older sister, grandma very well. He will be very pleased if someone hugs him. This boy is smart, active and lovely. He is outgoing and likes laughing. Though he has a little temper, after tease he will smile. He enjoys playing outdoors. He is bold and not afraid of strangers. He likes new toys, especially telephone toys with music, such as: music cell phone.

Jingdezhen City Social Welfare Institution

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