Monday, April 30, 2007

Beds, Rituals and Friends

We leave a week from Tomorrow!

We are one step closer to being ready for Acer, Bill and my bro. James accomplished 'The Great Bed Switch part II'. In part I, we sent a bed to Mum's, brought a bed from Mum's sent a couch to Mum's and got a futon from Bill's brother John. This time we only moved a mattress from upstairs, built a bed frame and moved a mattress upstairs. So we are now sleeping on a queen sized bed instead of a full, and theoretically we'll have room for all 3 of us as we co-sleep for at least 6 months to help with bonding.

Who knew that the 3-4 inches of extra mattress space would screw up our night time sleep rituals so much. For the past 5 1/2 years, we've had a process of getting to sleep that has worked well, I snuggle on Bill then turn over & Bill snuggles on me & then he turns over and we butte snuggle. We happily sleep back to back because we both snore, so we came up with the butte snuggle term. But now there's extra space and it disrupts the process. I guess it's a good thing we're only sleeping like this for a week and a half, and the coming back from China with Acer, because we don't really have a routine it'll be easier to start a new one with Acer.

Last night was my work Toddler shower, we met after work at a local pizzeria. (Boy, were we wiped out after a busy day) I also had included a few ex-employees and frequent customers who had become friends on my guest list. I love it when people who don't know each other can get together and have decent and far-ranging conversations; to hear all the different subjects under discussion was pretty cool. My good friends Beq and Cheryl from work did a wonderful job. While I appreciate the wonderful gifts, the gift of everybody's support and friendship during this whole process is the biggest and best gift I could ever wish for.

Bill will be posting pictures later (okay, as soon as I let him know that I need him to, wonderful guy that he is)

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Bill Bowman said...

Of course I will. Thanks for letting me know!