Saturday, April 14, 2007

Busy time back at work and at home

I finally started back at work on March 31st, just in time for the great temperature cool down. I did fine outside for about a week until Easter Sunday when the temperatures seemed to settle into my lungs. Poor Bill, we had a few weeks of normal household temperatures, but now I'm back to baking him.

The nursery trucks are starting to roll in and I feel much like the Michelin woman with 2 shirts, 2 jackets, a coat, scarf, headband and sometimes a raincoat to top it all off. Then they'll call me inside to diagnose some plant problem and I'll have to de-cloak just to be inside for a few minutes.

This year's never before run into problem was a spider plant with its own ant colony. I gave the little old lady some easy and safe solutions for her favorite old plant and told her not to vacation it outside ever again.

It is good to be back to work, many of the people are my main support group and are very excited for us to be going to get Acer. Not just my co-workers but also many of my regular customers are interested too. I think some of them will be making special trips out to meet Acer at six o'clock as Bill and I do a handoff in the parking lot.

We made our trips to get our vaccinations, perfect timing, we'll be able to get our second round the day before we leave for China. The third round will be about 5 months later, we obviously will be back by then but it's the last of the Hep series which won't hurt to have.

Easter Sunday we were at Bill's parents, Bill drove Mum in her car and they picked up his brother David. I made it after work. While it is a bummer to work Easter or Christmas Eve, you do get one perk of being able to take home a lily or a poinsettia. I found one with no open flowers and an incredible 20 buds to give my mother in law. I was over there Thursday and there were only 3 flowers open so it should be blooming for a long time yet.

Thursday we got together at the in-laws' again to address shower invites and hash out details. SIL Kerry has come up with an incredible tri-fold invite that I'll copy & post once I get a final version - incredible, Bill's reaction was 'Wow'

I also had to stop at the bank and pick up moolah in lovely crisp bills for various adoption purposes. I took the dogs with me (not into the bank) just figuring that someone would be far less likely to mug someone with two larger quadrapeds. Granted we live in one of the safest cities of the nation, and who would mug someone who drives the beater, but still, just in case.

Today we went to an incredible event at one of Bill's pastor's house where we were blessed (financially and prayerfully) by Bill's co-volunteers on the tech team. I was overwhelmed, I'd heard of the people but never met them and really couldn't believe their love and care. Many thank you have gone out to them and the Lord for putting them in our lives.

I've also figured out how to post pictures on and get them printed out. I've made Bill, Mum and myself little albums of Acer. Today I called our stepdaughter Alex and found out Which Walgreens was closest to her house (on the other side of the state), sent a set of pictures to print out there and paid for them on line. She now has the full set and has taken down a poster in her bedroom to display them all. She called to tell us this and to tell us she was going defend Acer against anyone who would make fun of him. That's our fiercely protective caring girl. She's also buying him clothing including a basketball outfit (that's her sport) next on her list, a tiny pair of croc's for him. Can't wait for her to get to meet him.

Well, it's been a week full of blessings. Three weeks until we leave!

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