Saturday, January 17, 2009

Acer's Drum kit

We've set up all a lot of Acer's drum toys into one area, as a drum kit for him.  He pushes the button on his toy piano to get the tune and then he's off a drumming!


TheDideonGang said...

Our kids piano - now trashed played the very same tunes. Oh the memories of playing this over and over LOL
Hoping that next Christmas Grandpa and Grandma get the kids a real keyboard???

Amy said...

Too cute!! He looks like he is going to turn out to be quite the musician!!

Julie said...

I loved the video. He is going to be some musician someday.

Manette said...

I foresee the next Stevie Wonder being "found" in Acer!!! He's too cute!!! I just adore these videos... I think he and Chynna would make an interesting band! lol.

Jodi said...

Too cute! He just loves music and J & J love to watch his videos too! Jailyn asked to see Acer play drums! Pen Pals of a different kind!

Have a great day!