Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Musical Breakthrough

Acer has always loved music, since the day we became a family, he had definite tastes in music and would request certain songs.
Since his birthday on the 21st, however, he's made huge strides relating what he's hearing on his new toy piano to what he's playing on his steel drum, his zylophone and even on the real piano.

It's been pretty exciting to watch and hopefully I'll be able to post some videos soon, as he's now requesting I take videos and pictures. He loves to listen to himself play when we play the videos on Youtube.


Amy said...

He will be a star someday.

Sharon said...

Okay, missy! Your commetn made me tear up!! You are so precious!)

Acer is the next Stevie Wonder, I just kmow it!!! Can i hit you up now for free concert tickets!?!?!!?

Julie said...

That is so exciting to hear about his musical talent. Any news on your LOA?

Tina said...

oh I can't wait to see a video clip!! I'm sure he's just as precious as ever,