Friday, January 09, 2009

Latest Little Miss Pictures

Deb from WenJun Gotcha sent us these pictures today.  WenJun was a friend and roommate of Calliandra's and I know she is really missing her.  I was glad to hear that they'd had a chance to talk on Wed. night via skype.  Here you can see the Bethel Choir singing away.  As a singer myself I have to wonder how they're handling the transition from only having one male voice to know being half male and half female voices as the girls have been finding homes.  Wen Jun is in the back, the tallest in the pink turtleneck.  The girl in the back, in yellow and the girl in front in pink polkadots are both really wanting families, so please keep them in your prayers as they have seen three of their classmates go to families this year.  Also, please pray for the shortest girl in the back as she is reportedly in hospital right now.

BTW Calliandra is front and center in these pictures wearing a cerise windbreaker and purple velour pants.

Please add us to your prayers as we're heading to the last month of waiting for LOA, and still have fundraising to do, also, Calliandra's been more quiet on our phone calls lately and so prayers that we continue to progress in making our emotional bonds with her.


Amy said...

She is so beautiful! It must be so hard for her thinking about actually leaving China.

The Princess's Mommy said...

OH Heather! What beautiful pictures of your sweet girl. I am praying and praying for you all. I know your heart must break to think of her being sad to leave. She is blessed to have such a wonderful mama! She will be fine!

Love you,

Chad and Kristy said...

Love the pictues! What beautiful kids! You will all be in our prayers.

Manette said...

Look how beautiful she is!

Tina said...

She is so precious! I hope you get LOA soon and I'll be praying for the transition.

Velleta said...

Jenna got more withdrawn as we got closer to Gotcha. The reality of leaving is probably starting to really sink in. Don't worry if she gets quieter as you get closer to getting her. At least she is processing the transition, painful as it may be.

Julie said...

I can't wait until you have LOA. I know what you are feeling on the fundraising part.

Rebekah Hubley said...


You are adopting from Bethel, right??? Did you see my post the other day on my blog, from the forum??? My husband saw the video that I posted from Bethel's sight and he said that he cried through it and could not even watch the whole thing. okay, this is a GOD THING! Is the little girl, Chun, on the video, one of the 3 girls that were talked about on the forum? I would love to know who you have to go through to adopt from Bethel and any other helpful info. How long do adoptions take through Bethel? Here is my e-mail:

Now I just pray that God would direct and guide us and be VERY specific!!! ;-)