Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a friend interested in using this agency, can anyone give me some feedback?

Yes, I know there should be some posts with pictures, perhaps tomorrow when Mum is over to watch the Little Man


Amy said...

I know WACAP gives very good adoption grants for SN kids. Their grants often cover most of the adoption, and with what Americans get from the government the adoption could be free. They will not work with Americans living outside the US that are non mlitary. I would use WACAP just to save the money if I had the chance! They seem like they are good.

cheepette8 said...

We used WACAP for our adoption of Sophie. We loved them. Our daughter was a promise child and all her fees were covered. My only complaint was my kind in China. I don't think he did very many international adoptions. He was normally a guide for business people. Feel free to email me with any specific questions.

Tina said...

Just checking in to see if you have any LOA news. You've got to be getting close, ours came at day 111.

Anonymous said...

We are using WACAP for our 3rd China adoption and so far I am pleased with them.

Tina and "the expanding crew"

Spring said...

I have lots of things to say about WACAP. Used them for our second adoption, prior to new CEO Lillian Thorgenson (sp?) and watched her transition the agency from mediocre (under prior CEO) to now (Innovative). If they would like to email me, no problem. Good agency and as another commenter said, good incentives to help place SN kids.

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