Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy doing not much

I can't say we're not doing anything, because we're usually doing something, I mean whenever does a toddler do nothing? Even when he's sleeping the little man is still in motion, trust us on that one because he sleeps between us. We've mostly stayed at home this past week mainly to work on switching him over to underwear. Thankfully I have many many pairs of underwear for him (I think it's over 30) so we're just switching them out as he needs it. I'm not stressing about it, He's really pretty trained already, we just have to finish the process. Although, I have a feeling that I'm going to become very familiar with these underwear over the next few years because these will probably fit him until he's 4 or 5.

Acer has had a rough week, He's fallen down the stairs 3 times. He hasn't even fallen down the stairs 3 times totally while he's been ours before this. I think he's getting too confident, and has started carrying small things down in his hands which upsets his balance. Big things in his hands he bumps down on his Butte, but the small, he thinks he can still make it. I think he's learning, he put stuff in his mouth before he went down the stairs the last time last night. Don't think it's much better, I can picture him losing a tooth, but at least he wasn't trying to go down with 2 blocks in his hands. Maybe I can try to get him to use a bucket.

This week we celebrated my Birthday, yes I actually survived and made it to 40. When I was younger, for some reason I figured I wasn't going to live past 36; so now I have lived more than 10% longer than my teenage thoughts decided. Just more proof that I can be wrong and still be okay about it. Anyway, Bill had the 4th off and watched Acer most of the time, and he had the 5th off which was really my birthday but I had a lot I had to accomplish; Writing an article;going to renew my plates and DL and going in to work in the evening.

On the 4th we went with Mum and my brother James to the local frozen custard place that has been there since 1942. Erma's has the best custard and although the line is long it moves quickly. Mum was happy because she bought an Erma's hoodie for me while we were there, as a birthday present.

Friday night we met Bill's parents at Logans for dinner and then picked up Mum and off we were to Erma's again. Two erma's in one week! Yeah me! They also gave me some lovely blueberries for my Birthday which I quickly put in the freezer to enjoy later. Love those frozen Blueberries!
All for now, little man is waking up.

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