Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Week

Last week my friends Leigh, Matt and their son Jarvis came over from Toronto. Matt had to come for business and the others came to visit friends like us. We had a good and relaxing time just hanging out and visiting the park and shopping at Target.
Acer and Jarvis played reasonably well together at the park and traveled in the wagon train there and back.

We visited My Father-in-Law's shop friday and ate lunch with him, Bill's brother John, my brother James, and Bill's Uncle Martin. There was a little park across the street from the shop and Acer really enjoyed the swings and playground equipment. We had our first long lasting painful accident there when I shut his fingers in the door. He complained for about 1/2 hour about Bu (bad) fingers. Poor little guy, he doesn't even complain for more than a few minutes when he falls down the stairs, so this was really painful for him. I, Of course had the huge guilts.

We went from there to see Bill's Mother, Sue, after all we were trekking out that way because Acer had been asking to see YeYe he NaiNai (Grandfather and Grandmother). Acer napped on the couch and then we ate dinner. He wanted music, but to him, music is something that comes from one of 5 cd's we play, not anything else yet. Sue tried several many times to find something he'd like, but finally I just had to tell him "No Music" just so he wouldn't ask for it and Sue wouldn't keep getting up to try another station.

Saturday we went to see the Symphony at the local Metropark with James and Beq. There were almost twice as many people as last year and last year was a record year. We walked about 2.5 miles and Bill pull Acer & the chairs in the wagon train the whole way there and back. Unfortunately we only got to hear the last 4 songs & then we walked back. Last year we went in our canoes with Beq & her husband Carl. We just canoed across the lake & sat on the beach. That was a pleasant evening. This year wasn't quite as nice with the long walk. Hopefully we'll be able to get Acer used to the canoe and repeat it next year.

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