Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, I'm awake so I might as well blog

This past week was a busy one for the little man. Aside from the eye exam we also went to a local Metro Park on Wednesday and this one had a farm/learning center. Acer listened to Ducks, Chickens, crowed with a rooster and got close to a pony, a horse and some cows. Our friends Kristen and Kiera went with us. Kiera is much quieter and more reserved than Acer, but towards the end she was running to me and letting me pick her up.

Thursday we went to the little local park with my lifelong friend Vicki. I think she was impressed by just how long Acer could stay in the swing and be happy. I think he was swinging for over an hour. He also ran around and climbed on the play structure but his true love is the swing.
Friday Acer got his first haircut since we've been a family. I really didn't want to cut his hair when it's still so short but, it was growing in so unevenly that it needed to be trimmed. He was well behaved during this and just stood there as I snipped away, I think it bodes well for the future.

Saturday I was downed by a migraine, I called in to work and knocked myself out until about 6 PM. Bill and Acer went off to cousin Lulu's birthday party and came back after dinner.

Acer went to sleep for me last night the best he ever has, unbelieveable. This morning however, he woke up about 4:30 and wiggled and complained until we let him get out of bed at 7. I don't really think he wanted to be awake, but a combo of factors including bodily functions and a car turning into our drive may have woken him up and kept him awake. So Bill & I have been awake already for hours and there's no hope of a nap for either of us today. Oh well.

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