Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I should have brought the camera...

So you could all see what torture they put Acer through as I had to sit there & watch. Acer went in Monday morning for his test. I thought they were going to totally knock him out, no they just gave him enough medicine to make him calm. The poor little guy; had 4 monitors stuck to his chest; was swaddled in a sheet so he couldn't move & pull the monitors off; was then taped down to the gurney; had a rolled towel around his neck to immobilize his head; was propped up on another towel so he was leaning up a little; had 8 or 10 electrodes stuck to his head, and finally had a slow strobe light flash in his face. I kept waiting for him to go to sleep, when I realized that he was just calmed down & wasn't going out, I went over & stroked his cheek & recited his favorite books to him (dooby Dooby Moo & Polar Bear). Poor little guy, at one point his pulse was over 180 he was so upset. We went out for icecream with Mum afterwards and his day seemed to go much better after that.

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