Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Acer's very own rocking chair

Yesterday Uncle James brought over a child (not toddler) sized rocking chair that was his from when he was a wee lad himself. Acer was so excited when I said the words 'Acer's rocking chair' that he had to help me carry it in from the driveway, through the kitchen and into the family room. He wasn't letting go of the arms of the chair even though he was walking backwards the whole time (and it would have been easier for me to carry it on my own). Once the chair was set down on the floor his little behind was in it checking it out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, I'm awake so I might as well blog

This past week was a busy one for the little man. Aside from the eye exam we also went to a local Metro Park on Wednesday and this one had a farm/learning center. Acer listened to Ducks, Chickens, crowed with a rooster and got close to a pony, a horse and some cows. Our friends Kristen and Kiera went with us. Kiera is much quieter and more reserved than Acer, but towards the end she was running to me and letting me pick her up.

Thursday we went to the little local park with my lifelong friend Vicki. I think she was impressed by just how long Acer could stay in the swing and be happy. I think he was swinging for over an hour. He also ran around and climbed on the play structure but his true love is the swing.
Friday Acer got his first haircut since we've been a family. I really didn't want to cut his hair when it's still so short but, it was growing in so unevenly that it needed to be trimmed. He was well behaved during this and just stood there as I snipped away, I think it bodes well for the future.

Saturday I was downed by a migraine, I called in to work and knocked myself out until about 6 PM. Bill and Acer went off to cousin Lulu's birthday party and came back after dinner.

Acer went to sleep for me last night the best he ever has, unbelieveable. This morning however, he woke up about 4:30 and wiggled and complained until we let him get out of bed at 7. I don't really think he wanted to be awake, but a combo of factors including bodily functions and a car turning into our drive may have woken him up and kept him awake. So Bill & I have been awake already for hours and there's no hope of a nap for either of us today. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Week

Last week my friends Leigh, Matt and their son Jarvis came over from Toronto. Matt had to come for business and the others came to visit friends like us. We had a good and relaxing time just hanging out and visiting the park and shopping at Target.
Acer and Jarvis played reasonably well together at the park and traveled in the wagon train there and back.

We visited My Father-in-Law's shop friday and ate lunch with him, Bill's brother John, my brother James, and Bill's Uncle Martin. There was a little park across the street from the shop and Acer really enjoyed the swings and playground equipment. We had our first long lasting painful accident there when I shut his fingers in the door. He complained for about 1/2 hour about Bu (bad) fingers. Poor little guy, he doesn't even complain for more than a few minutes when he falls down the stairs, so this was really painful for him. I, Of course had the huge guilts.

We went from there to see Bill's Mother, Sue, after all we were trekking out that way because Acer had been asking to see YeYe he NaiNai (Grandfather and Grandmother). Acer napped on the couch and then we ate dinner. He wanted music, but to him, music is something that comes from one of 5 cd's we play, not anything else yet. Sue tried several many times to find something he'd like, but finally I just had to tell him "No Music" just so he wouldn't ask for it and Sue wouldn't keep getting up to try another station.

Saturday we went to see the Symphony at the local Metropark with James and Beq. There were almost twice as many people as last year and last year was a record year. We walked about 2.5 miles and Bill pull Acer & the chairs in the wagon train the whole way there and back. Unfortunately we only got to hear the last 4 songs & then we walked back. Last year we went in our canoes with Beq & her husband Carl. We just canoed across the lake & sat on the beach. That was a pleasant evening. This year wasn't quite as nice with the long walk. Hopefully we'll be able to get Acer used to the canoe and repeat it next year.

I should have brought the camera...

So you could all see what torture they put Acer through as I had to sit there & watch. Acer went in Monday morning for his test. I thought they were going to totally knock him out, no they just gave him enough medicine to make him calm. The poor little guy; had 4 monitors stuck to his chest; was swaddled in a sheet so he couldn't move & pull the monitors off; was then taped down to the gurney; had a rolled towel around his neck to immobilize his head; was propped up on another towel so he was leaning up a little; had 8 or 10 electrodes stuck to his head, and finally had a slow strobe light flash in his face. I kept waiting for him to go to sleep, when I realized that he was just calmed down & wasn't going out, I went over & stroked his cheek & recited his favorite books to him (dooby Dooby Moo & Polar Bear). Poor little guy, at one point his pulse was over 180 he was so upset. We went out for icecream with Mum afterwards and his day seemed to go much better after that.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I have to get up how early?

Today we are going for another test for Acer's eyes. They'll knock him out, attach electrodes to his head and flash lights at his eyes. this is the third date we had scheduled for this, I guess there is only one tech and one nurse so the dept kept changing the date because one or the other would not be there. My list of instructions from them was not one that was designed to make either one of us happy - he was to be woken up at least 4 hours before the test and was not to eat or drink. So I have a hungry tired boy who has been up since 4:45 AM. He actually has been happier than I expected but normal breakfast time is coming up & I anticipate a change for the worse. Mum will be accompanying us to help carry the diaper bag etc as I carry a sleepy Acer out in the carrier afterwards.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mysterious shoe thief hits

Lately our shoes have been showing up in unusual places, pairs have been separated and individual shoes have gone missing all together. Hmm...was Lobelia bad dog responsible? We took pictures, discovered and apprehended the culprit. He was seen later with another pair of shoes so I don't think he's a totally reformed character, whatever he says.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy doing not much

I can't say we're not doing anything, because we're usually doing something, I mean whenever does a toddler do nothing? Even when he's sleeping the little man is still in motion, trust us on that one because he sleeps between us. We've mostly stayed at home this past week mainly to work on switching him over to underwear. Thankfully I have many many pairs of underwear for him (I think it's over 30) so we're just switching them out as he needs it. I'm not stressing about it, He's really pretty trained already, we just have to finish the process. Although, I have a feeling that I'm going to become very familiar with these underwear over the next few years because these will probably fit him until he's 4 or 5.

Acer has had a rough week, He's fallen down the stairs 3 times. He hasn't even fallen down the stairs 3 times totally while he's been ours before this. I think he's getting too confident, and has started carrying small things down in his hands which upsets his balance. Big things in his hands he bumps down on his Butte, but the small, he thinks he can still make it. I think he's learning, he put stuff in his mouth before he went down the stairs the last time last night. Don't think it's much better, I can picture him losing a tooth, but at least he wasn't trying to go down with 2 blocks in his hands. Maybe I can try to get him to use a bucket.

This week we celebrated my Birthday, yes I actually survived and made it to 40. When I was younger, for some reason I figured I wasn't going to live past 36; so now I have lived more than 10% longer than my teenage thoughts decided. Just more proof that I can be wrong and still be okay about it. Anyway, Bill had the 4th off and watched Acer most of the time, and he had the 5th off which was really my birthday but I had a lot I had to accomplish; Writing an article;going to renew my plates and DL and going in to work in the evening.

On the 4th we went with Mum and my brother James to the local frozen custard place that has been there since 1942. Erma's has the best custard and although the line is long it moves quickly. Mum was happy because she bought an Erma's hoodie for me while we were there, as a birthday present.

Friday night we met Bill's parents at Logans for dinner and then picked up Mum and off we were to Erma's again. Two erma's in one week! Yeah me! They also gave me some lovely blueberries for my Birthday which I quickly put in the freezer to enjoy later. Love those frozen Blueberries!
All for now, little man is waking up.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dragon Wrestling

Not sure who got in the better licks, Acer or the dragon(s) (there were 3 on the bed by the time it was all done)

Echo Location

I think it speaks for itself!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Beater Turned 200000!

Even More Pictures

It's been so nuts around here, I haven't had any time to get these up, so instead of placing them where they go, I will just slideshow some of them here.

Acer's day out with his Big Sister and Cousin