Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dr's, Dr's and more Dr's

We've had a busy week, visiting Dr's mainly. Acer is getting fairly adept at amusing himself with Dr's office toys now, which I guess is a good thing (not totally sure)
Thursday we had our appointment with the surgeon about Acer's hernia. Fastest dern appointment I've ever had. The appointment was at 1:45 and at 2:08 we were back in the car. The Dr came in followed by an intern and a resident, they looked at the parts, listened to his heart and then sent us off to scheduling. Incredibly enough we were able to schedule the surgery for the following Monday!
Acer had an odd day that day as we had plans to go to the park and play to kill time before Bill picked him up from me at work. I'd figured we'd be much longer that the Dr's and as it was very close to work, we'd just play & then we'd go to work. Well... It was tremendously hot and so we went to Target for a while and then we hung out in the AC'd lunchrooom at work, ate lunch and explored. if it had just been myself I'd have continued with my plans, the weather is not big deal to someone who works outside, but with Acer I just felt it safer to keep him cooler.

Friday we went to Eye Dr #2's office and he has the best play area yet. For some odd reason, Acer ended up on his back, scooting himself around headfirst on the ground. He travelled quite a distance this way before hitting the chairs and deciding that perhaps walking would be better

By the time the Dr saw us, Acer was asleep on my shoulder. This was actually beneficial because the Dr was able to examine him more easily. He echoed what Dr #1 said and we're now scheduled for a sedated ultrasound on 6/21.

Saturday I worked and Bill was during the day caregiver, not to much exciting there but in the evening when I came home we decided to take Acer to the play place at the local mall. Acer's favorite was a bridge on the outside but was actually a slide/steps combo. He explored it, climbed it forwards & backwards and held his own against bigger kids, simply by moving slowly and keeping his centyer of gravity low.

Sunday Acer and Bill went to church while I worked and then they meet me at work for lunch. After lunch Bill and Acer picked up our friend Will and they went to mutual friends' joint BBQ summer party. I got out of work too late to join them but Bill said Acer did fine playing with toys there. He did say one toy said something about being a princess, but Acer didn't mind the sexist twist.

Yesterday we were up early to get to the hospital, we had an 8:15 check in and a 9:45 surgery scheduled. Acer actually went in closer to 10:45 but I expected that. The surgery went well although the hernia was larger than expected, it took two stiches to close intead of just one. We left with a very sleepy, sore little guy and were home before 2. After that he slept on me as I read and napped. He awoke hungry and ready for action about 6, after a meal of milk and fried rice, he was up and running for hours. We've discovered that like his reaction to Benedryl, Codeine seems to rev up his systems. We'll be switching to regular tylenol for pain relief for later today. Last night he really didn't want to go to sleep. just to roll over us and around us and just generally be awake, except in bed.

Today we'll be travelling back to the Med labs with our latest, properly collected stool samples, the ones I turned in a week and a half ago were not proplerly done so I had to go out there last week wed, & get the proper collection bottles. Yeah us!
Earlier I took a break from typing as Acer called from the next room and said he had to go to the bathroom. As I walked in I saw that he was actually holding on to the back of a chair as he needed it to balance. Why? - because he was standing on Rugby's flank! Rugby was actually okay with this, but when Acer tried to move to a new location on Rugby (abdomen or ribs, not sure where he was heading) Rugby groaned & sat up. It was just seconds too fast for me to get my camera dern it.
Well all for now
Bill will be posting pictures later/.

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Jim said...

Love all the updates! And Rugby sounds like a totally awesome dog!

Our little Roo is still pretty bummed, and it is hard to say what is the biggest reason. We lost our boy Howie during the trip (we didn't want to bring it up there, but eventually we blogged it cause it was a very awful time for us despite all the great things that were happening)

She is surely a bit jealous of Odessa

She was very spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. Car rides and walks EVERY DAY... we can't compete with that.

Anyway, love hearing about Rugby. We need some doggie photos!