Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Monday morning we went to the eye Dr. It took longer to get there than we'd expected simply because I got lost, but we finally arrived. Dr O'Malley is a specialist in Pediatric Opthalmology, these days he concentrates on the surgeries to get eyes to track and move together. He looked at Acer and said he wasn't the man we needed but that he would get us to the right man, a Dr Roarty who now does the surgeries Acer will need. I appreciated that, his honesty in sending us to someone who would be better for Acer. He gave Acer a preliminary look and then outlined what he thinks Dr Roarty will want to do, and also gave us some hope for correctable sight for the future, at least in the right eye. He could tell that Acer has some peripheral vision, and that he has a cataract and a keyhole pupil. The Dr seemed to think that these were operable and that Acer would have sight with glasses or contacts and the possiblity of a lens replacement in the future. He thought that Dr Roarty will probably want to look at Acer's eyes with an ultrasound while Acer was sedated; that way we'll get the best, most accurate picture of what's going on in those little eyeballs. We go Friday to See Dr Roarty
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A group of Bill's clients from one site got together and threw a mini shower for Acer. Bill's boss Matt was in on it and sent Bill over to fix something. When Bill got there he found they had everybody sign a huge card and had 2 gift bags and a gift card for Acer. It was very generous and nice of them. Bill will post a picture about this later.
Monday night we went to church but Bill and Acer were out in the hall so they didn't disturb others. Acer lost on section of elastic in his pants and they kept ending up around his ankles. He seems to not have enough butte to keep his pants up in general, so I've now bought him a belt.
I'd like to thank everybody who has given Acer a toy that makes noise, they are his favorites by far. I don't mind as they are teaching him. Thanks to a little stuffed Leap toy, he's now bellowing out his ADG's at the top of his lungs. (the letters might not be right, but the notes and cadence are and there is a letter for every space in the song that needs one.
Well, time to get ready for work, Bill meets me there & then drives home with Acer.

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Jim said...

That is very hopeful news regarding Acer's vision! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for the little guy.

Jim, Chan, and Odessa