Saturday, June 23, 2007

Inconclusive Eye Test

Thursday Acer had his first in depth eye test, and while there was good news for the front of the eye, there just wasn't enough information about the back of the eye. The Dr will do another procedure to see how organized the back of the eye is and whether or not it will actually be able to process any information if receives. If the back of Acer's (right) eye is not developed enough, the rods and cones are not able to funnel the infformation to the brain in a manner that makes sense. If that is the case, we won't have the cataract removed because it would really only be for cosmetic reasons at that point and it might make the tiny sliver of sight he does have worse. The next test will be in a few weeks and will involve hooking electrodes to his head and flashing lights at his eyes. This will give us more information and may or may not send us on to a third test.

Sigh, I guess my hopes for quick resolution were just futile. I won't say I don't care what the results are, because for Acer's sake I really hope he can get more vision but my love for him is definitely not based on his being able to see. I would just really like to know what is going on and what the condition of his eyes is. I think that if I know I can watch for future developments and maybe 10 years down the road something new will come around that would work for him. Or maybe not.

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