Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Full House! I win!

Okay, so it really means that all our bedrooms are occupied because our Step-daughter Alex (14) and Nephew Brandon (15) are visiting, but still I win.
Acer and I picked Alex up at noon on Fri. and it was pretty much instant JieJie/Didi love. She enjoys hugging, spinning him around and raspberrying him mercilessly. Already she speaks pretty decent Acer language and doesn't mind the normal chores that go with a two year old like taking him to the potty or helping him feed himself. Bill got his Father's day present (fatherhood by Bill Cosby) and I got a cool outdoor decoration/windchime for my birthday present. Alex usually does really well on her gift choices and this time was no exception.
Mum came over for dinner on Fri. night and went home with some bounty - the neighbor across the street is moving and he was bringing over some of his (deceased) wife's clothes. Most of these were new and Alex and I had gone through them all and sorted them. Mum went home with a new leather thickly lined winter coat, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Alex was a good hostess, making sure mum had tea and clearing the table. She is growing up into a kind, caring and helpful person and I try to let her know how great a job she's doing.
Saturday I had to work to Alex and Acer hung out with Baba/Papa. Alex helped cook dinner, I think she likes trying to figure out what to serve and she will help cook whatever she can.
Sunday Bill, Alex and Acer went off to church and I went to work. They went to a cook out afterwards, some people who live close to the church were having. They brought me lunch & then headed home to meet Brandon as his Mom was dropping him off so that she could meet Acer. They all went to our favorite frozen custard place, but forgot to bring any home for me. Sigh. At least dinner was excellent - baked salmon fillets.
Sunday nights we have a group over to play D&D, but we've temporarily lost a member due to a new job situation. So I learned that despite the fact that he doesn't like the job as much, there is a fem. he's sweet on there. So I said - Oh, so it's a sweetness issue - and Acer chimed in "oh, my, my, my!"
Monday was an extremely busy day - we started early by going to the local beach on Lake St Clair, where they also have a spray park. Acer liked the mist, but got hammered by some strong spray and wasn't quite as happy. By the way, Alex provided his outfit for the day - swim trunks and a huge on him Tshirt that says "I'm the good one, my sister is the brat!"
He actually liked 'swimming' in the lake quite a bit but we took him out sooner than he would have liked because his lips were turning blue!
We then went to Bill's work/bosses house (same piece of property) and enjoyed their company and their pool. Alex and Brandon played with their son Jake and Acer had the joy of a set of steps and a hand rail that he could both climb on and go into the water on! Oh Joy! He spent hours in the pool. Matt & Kristie are the ones who provided us with Acer's beloved wagon, well Kristie actually had the little trailer part that goes with the wagon too - more Fun!
Today we got up and out of the house early, we loaded up recycleables and Acer in the wagon and took the dogs and walked to the recycle center & then next door to the park. Acer LOVES to swing. He went for 45 minutes straight today (we took shifts) and stomped around on the play structure for a while. We were home by 11:30 but it was still above 80 that early in the day.
Alex and Brandon have always funded their fun while they're both here by returning the bottles we've accumulated. The rules are that they both have to be here and they share the money. So today was bottle return day and they filled up the back of the Beater, and away we went. I dropped them at the local megastore (meijer's) and they loaded up 3 shopping carts with bottles, with that and money for all you can eat pizza, I'm sure they were able to kill the two or so hours until Bill got there to pick them back up. Unfortunately, everyone was in bed by the time I came home, but I'll get the story tomorrow I'm sure.
I took pictures & I promise that Bill will post them soon, but as he spent 2 hours trying to get the small one down tonight, not much happened.

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Leah's Mom said...

Well isn't wonderful,, I know I love having a full house...
That way I don't notice my sanity has total left my side.... I think our families thinks we are crazy,, I just look back and them and tell them.. Well the nut doesn't fall far from the tree now does it!!! :)
LID 12/19/05 We are getting closer... At this point I have stayed away from the chat lines.. Everyone is so overly optomistic.. then whe it is far worse,, they fall apart.. I quit quessing, it it far easier to be happy with whatever happens,, Be sure to give Acer a big hug for me,, even though he has no idea who I am..