Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Looking for Joy

I've decided that I'm not enjoying Acer and all his good features enough. I want to teach & improve and help him become a well behaved, well educated child so much that I've been missing out on the Joy portion of being a parent. I can still do those other things, but I need to take the time to appreciate that great smile and goofy sense of humor more. Who cares if I have to sit on the toidy for an extra 5 minutes becuase he wants to jump into my arms from the step stool, be set down and jump again & again. I need to realize the happy face in front of me is more important than getting up and dealing immediately with laundry. The important part is that he actually wants to jump into my arms. Prayers that I don't slip back into stern, dour Mom & truly feel the Joy of "Mama, Jump!"


Stephanie said...

Welcome to being a mommy...trying to balance everything is not an easy task. I am glad you are trying to keep the right perspective. We all get lost in the day to day...

HUGS! Your doing great :D


Jim said...

Sounds like you've got it together to me Heather!

We definitely miss Acer's smile!

Jim, Chan and Odessa

Teri said...

Oh Heather -

Thank you so much for the reality check! I just sat back and said *oof*.