Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ode to the Beater, A good, loyal, trusty and rusty steed

Yesterday my car turned 200K. She is 15 years old, puffs smoke out everytime I start up from a light, has paint flakes flying off her all the time, and still gets the 20 mpg she got when I bought her 12 years ago. Officially she a '92 plymouth Voyager but unofficially, she's known as the beater and has taken me across country many times, whether pulling a moving trailer or carrying a canoe.
I look at these 12 years, and she's really been a great car, granted her AC no longer functions, and she's pretty dern ugly, but she's paid for and insurance is extremely cheap on her.
I think that because I bought her to ferry a church youth group around in, the Lord had repaid me by making her last as long as I need her to.
People ask me when I'm going to get a new car, I'll get one when I absolutely need to, not before. Instead I used the new car money to get something a bit more soft and lovable - a two legged mobile named Acer.


Daniel said...

Hooray Hooray for Two Hundred K!

james said...

hhjj hhjj hhhh hhjj