Thursday, May 31, 2007

What a difference using the magic word makes

No, We're not talking about 'Please' we're talking about the correct Mandarin phrase for go to sleep. We've used it 2 nights in a row now (it took us that long to find it) and although Acer doesn't like it, at least he doesn't try to climb out of bed while he's fussing and he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night. We turn on the radio, let him fuss himself to sleep while we keep the lights off and away to dreamland we three go. This is a major breakthrough on the Bill and Heather Exhaustion factor, the ability to actually get uninterrupted sleep can really help one's disposition.
I've been waking Acer up earlier every day and yesterday we got in an hour and a half nap (another item we're trying to put back on the schedule) before we met friends Kristen and Keira at the park. Acer was somewhat forward, trying to hold Keira's hand and hug on her on their very first playdate! Keira is 12 days older than Acer, and from the province next to Acer's province. Kristen and Mark were also over in China the same time we were, and we even saw them on the great wall! We went on the swings and climbed on the playstructure and shared watermelon together.
Yesterday was my brother James' birthday and we went to Erma's frozen custard to celebrate. This was Acer's first icecream in a cone and he did pretty well. He would have done better if we'd known the word for 'lick', as it was we spoon fed the top part of the icecream (watermelon flavored) and then he was able to crunch through the cone part just fine. He also amused many people with his squeaky shoes.
Bill finished installing the safety gate at the top of the upstairs, this isn't really because I am worried about his falling down them, but more a way to keep areas off limits. Acer has a fantastic sense of self directionas well as very good balance, aside from the first night when he fell down the stairs because he fell asleep, I doubt I'll see him do it too many more times in his life.
Busy day today, many errands to run so I'll sign off as I try to get the two of us ready and out the door.
PS I know I haven't been posting any pictures, but my iphoto needs help so I have to leave it to Bill, and I haven't told him that I have photos ready to go.

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Jim said...

Sounds like progress to me! Thanks for the updates Heather, we love hearing about Acer and family.

Jim, Chan and Odessa