Sunday, May 13, 2007

Notes from the first night

Well, the first night went relatively well, we got in and he was so upset he threw up the cheerios that we fed him on the bus. I think he finally realized that we were not going to take him back to the foster home. He speaks rather well in Chinese, but it is a dialect that our coordinator does not speak. He can understand a little, but not everything he says. We tried giving him a bath, Heather got in the tub with him, and he fell right to sleep. According to Heather, this proves that he is meant to be her son. The proof, however, that he is MY son is the sleeping method. He sprawls. Heather said she was hit with every one of his body parts... He is also rather mobile when sleeping, and he did say "I love you" to me when he was sleeping.

We were finally able to get him to eat this morning, nearly a full bottle of formula. We are going to try other things later, but we shall see.

Arriving back at the hotel!

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